Fresh Female Voice Over

It's what I do...

The world of Female Voice Over Talent is a funny place...

I'm not a DJ - recording VO in the on-air room during breaks...  I'm not just doing voiceover part time...  I work in a professional studio, and write and voice copy, all day, everyday.  

After years of working with professional voice talents I've come to expect a lot from the people I work with, clean audio, consistent quality, quick turnaround, and the ability to interpret copy.  As a professional voice talent, I demand nothing less of my voice work.  I work in a professional studio, and write and voice copy, all day, everyday.  I am an award winning creative writer who understands the intricacies of voiceover.  My background is in creative... I started off writing, voicing and managing the books for the Freelance Production House my husband was building.  I eventually ditched my full time job and jumped on board the freelance wagon, I've been writing and voicing full time ever since. 

If you're looking for very natural young to middle age, fun and confident female voice over - I'm your girl.


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Looking for a little more "testosterone" in your project? Check out my husband, business partner and all around amazing guy, Stu's male voice over website.  He's a super talent producer and has a great natural, everyday guy sound.... if I do say so myself.  ;)


This was our third voiceover job with Erin Setch. Once again, Erin was a true professional to work with, and an expert at her craft. Thanks Erin!

- Craig Forant, Kick Me Productions

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Erin Setch
Nanaimo, BC
Ph: (250) 275-4778
Fax: (250) 275-4758
Email: erin@scienceofsound.ca